Bydgoszcz is ready!

There is couples days to the beginning of the Senior U-23 World Championships in wrestling, the first such competition in history. From 21th to 26th November w in the Artego Arena Hall the best wrestlers until age 23 will be competing.

The Polish Wrestling Federation is an originator

Just like two years ago, when European Youth Championships were held for the first time in our country (in Wałbrzych city), at present the first Youth World Championships will take place in Poland too, precisely in Bydgoszcz. More than 1000 wrestlers from nearly 55 countries will compete in the Artego Arena beggining from 21th to 26th of November. The Polish Wrestling Federation as an originator is also an organiser.

Bydgoszcz – the city of sport

Why Bydgoszcz was chosen? Because this city focuses on sport! This won’t be the first major sports championships organized in Bydgoszcz. The city has great conditions, good sports facility, perfect hotel base and airport. I’m sure that Bydgoszcz will be able to handle it well. What’s more is that, this year the European  Athletics Senior U-23 Championships also took place in Bydgoszcz.

The competition will take place in the Artego Arena. The basketball players from Bydgoszcz’s sports clubs participate here everyday. The Hall, which is being used starting from year 2014, can hold up to 1476 spectators.. Rentatives of the Federation hope it will be full of spectators. The championships coincide with the celebration of the 95th anniversary of the existence of the Polish Wrestling Federation so many attractions were prepared for the spectators.

Rafał Brzozowski on opening

The Polish Wrestling Federation is also preparing many additional attractions to attract spectators.  Notably exhibitions in glass and wood, painting works or Rafał Brzozowski‘s short concert for the opening of the championship.. Rafał Brzozowski was a wrestler and master of Polish juniors and cadets. At the concert we will be able to listen to such songs as “Tak blisko (So close)” or “Już wiem (I know now)”.

We are looking forward  too see you at Artego Arena on 21th-26th November!

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