We’ve met the Polish Youth Champions

The last two weekends are the rivalry of wrestlers for a title of the Polish U-23 Champion. Freestyle and women’s wrestling competition took place in Osielsko. The classic style wrestlers competed one week later in Poznań.

Pacurkowski – the star.

A year ago Roman Pacurkowski won a title of the European Youth Champion. This year he defended the title of the Polish Youth Champion and now he is preparing for the World Youth Championship, which will be played in November  in Bydgoszcz (21th-26th November 2017). This year, mentioned 22-years-old man defeated Dawid Kareciński in the National Wrestling League, who repeatedly represented Poland on international events. In Poznań, Pacurkowski competed in the category up to 75kg, where he deafeted thee rivals – Grzegorz Matysek, former medalist of the European Cadet Championships – Dawid Klimek, and in the final – Michał Tomaszewski.  Pacurkowski is our ticket to the World Youth Championship, where, like in the European Youth Championship, he will want to win the gold medal – this time in front of his own audience!

Also the wrestlers from RCSZ Olimpijczyk Radom and SSA Legia 1926 Warszawa clubs, presented strong preformance. The wrestlers from Radom won three gold medals, the medalists were: Krystian Szymczyk (59kg), Mateusz Nowak (66kg) and Rafał Płowiec (130kg).The categories to 85kg and 98kg were triumphed by players of the SSA Legia. Patryk Boniecki won his three fights and he stood first on podium, Rafał Krajewski (98kg) won with Aleksander Kroczak in the first round by knockout. The other highly pointed were Jędrzej Wiśniewski and Dawid Dryja.

Kroczak’s two medals

One week ago Aleksander Kroczak, the wrestler from RCSZ Olimpijczyk Radom, won a title of master of Poland in freestyle! It rarely happens that a wrestler wins two medals in two styles. Aleksander Wojtachnio won a title of Polish Youth Master in weight category to 97kg  in a very convincing manner and without a loss of technical points. Krzysztof Sadowik lost just one point in the fight for the gold medal. The wrestler from WKS Śląsk Wrocław was the best in rivalry/competition to 86kg. Mateusz Antoniak (57kg), Dawid Romanowicz (65kg) and Marcin Majka (74kg) fought for gold medals too.

Kozłow, Mądrowska and Nogaj without point loss

In women’s wrestling, the wrestlers didn’t even lose a single point on the way for the title of Polish Youth Champion. Paula Kozłow (53kg) finished all her fights before time finish (by knockout or technical advantage), Katarzyna Mądrowska (58kg) won two fights, and at the last round she won thanks to the forfeit. Her opponent – Daria Szymeczko didn’t show up. Karolina Nogaj had  similar situation. The wrestler from KS Sobieski Poznań won with Zuzanna Dworzyńska 5:0 (4-2), she also won with Anna Urbanowicz by knockout. She won the final fight because her rival, Patrycja Sperka, didn’t show up similar to Daria Szymeczko.

Moreover gold medals won Anna Król (48kg), Agnieszka Król (63kg) oraz Beata Federowicz (69kg).

Championship is a ticket to Bydgoszcz?

Polish Youth Championship was the final exam and a ticket for the first in history the World Youth  Championship in wrestling at the same time. Championship will be played on 21th to 26th November in Bydgoszcz in the Artego Arena Hall. Will all the masters be able to compete in Bydgoszcz? We will find it out soon enough, when trainers of our representation annouce the squad and The Polish Wrestling Federation will approve it.

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